Local Man Outruns Cancer To Complete His 100th Marathon

Eugene, Oregon – Back in 1978, Richard Leutzinger (pronounced “Light-zinger”) ran his first marathon with no idea it would evolve into lifetime goal of running 100 marathons. Thirty-eight years, 99 marathons, a triple bypass, and a cancer diagnosis later, Richard plans to achieve his goal when he crosses the 2016 Eugene Marathon Finish Line on Sunday, May 1, 2016, at approximately 10:45 a.m. at historic Hayward Field with his relay team of supporters. Since Richard’s prostate cancer diagnosis four years ago, he has run nine marathons. He was preparing for his 100th marathon in New Orleans this spring, but his condition worsened almost overnight in February. He thought completing his 100th marathon was out of the question – until last Tuesday. Oregon Urology Institute’s Dr. Bryan Mehlhaff (pronounced “Mel-hoff”), who has been Richard’s physician since 2002, could not imagine Richard letting go of his lifetime goal. “His goal became my goal,” Dr. Mehlhaff said. After bouncing the idea off of Richard last week, Dr. Mehlhaff sprung into action contacting the Eugene Marathon event organizers and creating a relay team comprised of Richard’s UO Noon Runner group. The support has been overwhelming. Richard will have an army cheering for him in the stands, wearing “Richard’s 100th” t-shirts as he crosses the finish line with Dr. Mehlhaff, Cathy Ward, Paul Slovick, J Bonzer, and likely his 38-year old daughter, Rosie Leutzinger, from Seattle. “Even though this is a terminal disease, I’m so lucky to feel so good,” Richard said. Come Celebrate Richard’s 100th Marathon Finish – Estimated Time 10:45 – 10:50 a.m. Eugene Marathon Finish Line at Hayward Field 1580 E. 15th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97403 Visit www.eugenemarathon.com for event details. About Oregon Urology Institute Oregon Urology Institute is the region’s largest, most advanced urological center in the Northwest. Oregon Urology Institute offers some of the region’s most respected experts covering every major urological specialty; the latest expertise and technologies; and a caring, people-oriented approach. Visit www.oregonurology.com for more information. Oregon Urology Institute aspires to raise awareness about prostate cancer and screening through the annual Father’s Day Prost8K Run, Sunday, June 19, 2016. Please visit www.theouf.org for event details.