The purpose of the patient liaison is to optimize and streamline cancer patients’ care by coordinating treatments and helping individuals and families understand the information that they are being given. Patient liaisons seek to empower people with knowledge and understanding to be better able to cope with cancer.

Gina Aleshire

Patient Liason

Benefits of a Patient Liason

Remaining a constant resource and advocate on behalf of those he or she serves, a patient liaison greatly enhances the care of individuals diagnosed with cancer, as well as caregivers and families. As the liaison provides knowledge and understanding, anxiety and fear begin to decrease. And patients begin to feel more at ease and empowered to focus their energy on getting well and taking back some of the control that has been robbed of them by cancer. The patient liaison is promptly attending to individual needs, initiating and returning phone calls, relaying messages to physicians on the patient’s behalf, and obtaining answers to ongoing questions. Patient liaisons strive to ensure optimal cancer care, leading the way for those they serve.


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