When a man decides to get a vasectomy, he’s not just doing it for himself. He’s giving his partner the gift of worry-free contraception, allowing her to enjoy intimacy without distraction. He’s also helping her to avoid the potential adverse side effects of hormonal birth control.

Here are six reasons why women love men who get a vasectomy:

1. Vasectomies are Effective

Vasectomies are one of the most reliable forms of contraception available. Compared to other methods like condoms, birth control pills, and IUDs, which can have failure rates of 10% or more, vasectomies are nearly 100% effective. This reliability removes the stress of potential pregnancy.

2. Hormonal Birth Control Side Effects are Avoided

Many female contraceptive options, such as pills and injections, rely on hormones to prevent pregnancy. However, these hormones can lead to side effects like depression, mood swings, weight gain, cramps, and headaches.

3. Vasectomies are Safer

Vasectomies are safer and less invasive than various forms of female birth control.

Long-term use of birth control pills can increase the risk of serious health issues like blood clots and heart attacks, especially in women over 35 and those with certain health conditions. A vasectomy eliminates the need for female hormonal contraception, reducing these risks and promoting long-term health.

The only permanent birth control method for women is tubal ligation. This must be performed under complete anesthesia, so unless she has it done during a c-section, the risk for this procedure is much higher than for a vasectomy.

4. You’ll Both Improve Your Sex Life

Unlike some birth control methods, vasectomy doesn’t interfere with sexual activity. You won’t have to stop to mess with a condom* or spermicide and interrupt the moment. Plus, you can enjoy intimacy without the worry of pregnancy. This freedom can enhance your relationship and make sex more enjoyable and spontaneous.
Plus, women taking hormonal contraceptives may have a decreased libido – which means you may not be in the bedroom to begin with.

*NOTE: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are not prevented with a vasectomy.

5. Vasectomies are Cost-Effective

Vasectomies are more cost-effective than many other birth control methods in the long run. While methods like birth control pills require ongoing expenses, a vasectomy is a one-time cost that can save money. They are also much less expensive than tubal ligation. Some insurance plans may even cover the cost of the procedure, making it an affordable choice for many couples.

6. Vasectomies are Convenient

Once a man has undergone a vasectomy and confirmed that there are no sperm in his semen, there’s nothing else to do to prevent pregnancy. There are no pills to remember, supplies to maintain, or prescriptions to refill, making a vasectomy quite convenient.

Don’t Delay Your Vasectomy

If you and your partner are done having children (or are committed to a child-free lifestyle), it’s time to schedule your vasectomy appointment. She will love the freedom from stress and worry about unwanted pregnancies and unwanted health side effects. And you’ll love the benefits as well!

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