March Madness is almost here – and if you’ve been considering getting a vasectomy, we can’t think of a better time to do it. It’s the perfect excuse to relax with your favorite snacks, your bracket ready, and a lineup of games to watch.

A vasectomy is a form of permanent birth control that consists of a simple outpatient procedure followed by a few days of rest. It’s nearly 100% effective, though it can usually be reversed if desired. And contrary to a popular myth, it doesn’t affect sexual performance. In fact, many men report higher satisfaction with their sex life after a vasectomy.

Here’s why scheduling your vasectomy during this basketball season could be your best play:

1. Score a Free T-Shirt

OUI - Vas 2024 ShirtGet a free t-shirt* to wear during your recovery – that way, everyone remembers that you are recovering and must sit and watch basketball!

*Free t-shirt for vasectomies scheduled between Thursday, March 19, 2024 and Monday, April 8, 2024.

2. Beat the Summer Rush

Scheduling your vasectomy during March Madness allows you to get ahead of the busy summer months. Summer is filled with vacations, outdoor activities, and family gatherings. Finding the time to recover for a few days can be more challenging. And you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation even more when you don’t have to worry about an unplanned pregnancy.

3. Perfect Recovery Plan: Basketball and Chill

Recovering from a vasectomy requires 2-3 days of downtime. What better way to spend that time than binging on all the games? It’s the perfect excuse to lounge on the couch, relax, and enjoy uninterrupted basketball action while you heal.

4. Permanent Birth Control: A Slam Dunk

A vasectomy is a highly effective form of permanent birth control, offering peace of mind for men who are sure they do not want any more children (or have chosen to remain child-free). It’s a quick outpatient procedure covered by many insurance plans, making it a smart choice for long-term birth control.

5. Be A Great Teammate

Choosing to have a vasectomy during March Madness isn’t just a personal decision; it’s a team play.

For women, hormonal birth control comes with side effects. A tubal ligation, the only type of permanent birth control for women, is a much more invasive surgery. And it’s more expensive!

Lastly, you can provide your partner with the satisfaction of knowing that there won’t be an accidental pregnancy. That feeling can enhance her enjoyment of intimacy.

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