Radiation Therapist

RADIATION THERAPIST: • Administer radiation therapy accurately as prescribed and planned by the physician. • Demonstrate effective written communication skills; Maintain accurate and detailed treatment chart documentation. • Check prescription, diagnosis, chart, and patient identification. • Display professional conduct essential to the well-being of the radiation oncology patient. • Demonstrate effective verbal communication skills in the clinical setting. • Explain procedure to patient, means of communication during treatment, and procedure to follow if emergency arises during treatment. • Reinforce Radiation Oncologist’s advice to patient regarding reactions to treatment and their care. • Observe the clinical progress of the radiation oncology patient, use clinical decision-making skills to recognize and report any signs of complications, unusual reactions, and events to the nursing staff and/or Radiation Oncologist. Report any falls or injuries to the proper personnel immediately according to hospital policy and file reports accordingly. • Utilize treatment accessories to accurately reproduce the radiation treatment. • Safely and effectively operate a variety of computerized simulation and treatment machines. Observe radiation safety measures for patient and personnel. Observe patient during treatment using both audible and visual methods. • Prepare room and equipment for patient according to prescription regarding immobilization devices, field size, treatment distance, bolus, lead protection devices, etc. • Perform machine safety checks and/or warm up procedures; know safe limits of equipment operations, and report abnormalities or inconsistencies to the proper authority. Be able to perform all necessary machine and treatment QA. • Construct immobilization devices and employ custom blocking techniques that are conducive to the prescribed radiation therapy. • Utilize sophisticated imaging equipment and treatment planning systems for precise tumor localization. • Maintain the electronic treatment record including, but not limited to, side effects, incidents, SSDs, patient issues, change in treatment set ups, etc. Communicate missed appointments to proper personnel. • Maintain daily treatment schedule. • Incorporate department policies and procedures into care provided. • Adhere to the Radiation Therapist Code of Ethics. • Maintains CE credits and licensure Required Qualifications: Education: Required: Bachelor’s degree in Radiation Therapy OR; Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Science or healthcare field and a certificate in Radiation Therapy, Job Related Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (Competencies): Required: Delivers the prescribed dose of radiation to the correct patient in the correct area. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the operations and use of the equipment assigned to including accessories. Experience using Cone Beam CT for patient alignment and a strong knowledge of human anatomy related to a CT scan. Records necessary information in electronic chart thoroughly and correctly including but not limited to imaging, instructions, and notations. Captures proper daily technical charges on a daily basis. Preferred: Experience with the following equipment: Varian, ARIA, and Siemens CT. Registrations, Certifications and/or Licenses: Required: • Therapists must be ARRT certified • Must be licensed by the Oregon State Board of Radiologic Technology at time of hire date. • Must have and maintain AHA CPR certification at time of hire date. Addition details relating to requirements and working conditions: • Is exposed to human tissues/fluids. • Wears a film badge and is monitored for radiation exposure. • Hazardous substance exposure includes bismuth, lead, tin, and cadmium. • Must be able to lift, move, and assist patients to treatment couch. Must have the ability to lift up to 30 pounds unassisted and 50 pounds assisted. • Must be able to stand for long periods at a time. • Therapist must operate Linear accelerators which treat patients with therapeutic radiations. Preferred Qualifications: Experience: Preferred: Two years or more experience working in the field post-graduation. Job ID: RT